TPE331 Engine Parts

At Pacific Turbine Brisbane we believe in customer satisfaction and it shows in our results. Our aviation knowledge will reflect with every sale, exchange, overhaul or repair.


Components — exchange or outright sale;
Fuel Control Units (FCUs) and Fuel Pumps;
Torque Temperature Limiter Valves;
Propeller Governors;
Propeller Pitch Controls (PPCs);
Oil Coolers, Ignition Excitors, Fuel Nozzles etc;
Consumable Part Kits for:
- Fuel Nozzle Installation
- Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program (SOAP)


Igniter Plugs and Ignition Leads;
Oil/Fuel or Air Tubes and Pipes;
Control Linkages;
Seals, Packing ‘O’ Rings, Gaskets;
General parts and hardware
(including Plugs, Caps and Elbows / Unions, etc)
We can support and supply any TPE331 engine component to ensure our customers are satisfied.