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Women in Aviation 2021

March 2021

In 2021 PTB used the week of International Women's Day to highlight and celebrate the women in our aviation space. As many know, gender numbers still remain unequal with the aviation industry despite continual improvement over the years. This week we share the stories and the lives of some women at PTB....

Why NDT Testing is so Important!

May 2021

NDT takes place during production, maintenance and in the case of unexpected events. While the
obvious and most significant benefit of NDT is safety and accident prevention there are many other
valuable outcomes which include....


Paint- it's not just to look good...


On average around 60-70% of parts are painted. It can be dependent on the where the part is from- for example if it is from the combustion areas then it does not get painted....


Letter from the Managing Director

March 2020

A letter from Stephen Smith about how Pacific Turbine can assist you as we navigate our collective way through the current Covid-19 business environment.

Prime Turbines Acquisition

February 2020

PTB is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of Prime Turbines.


Test Cell Update

November 2018

Installation of the test cell at Pacific Turbine Brisbane.