History of PTB Group

PTB Group Limited (“PTB”) was established in 2001, when it was incorporated to acquire the Brisbane assets of Pacific Turbine Pty Ltd ACN: 079 166 653. It focused on providing services in relation to the Pratt & Whitney PT6A and Honeywell TPE331 light turbine engines.

The Company performed:

– Specialist turbine engine repair and overhaul based at Brisbane, Australia;

– Trading operations in Australia and internationally in aircraft turbine engines and related parts; and

– The provision of finance for PT6A and TPE331 turbine engines for customers.

The Company listed on the Stock Exchange of Newcastle Ltd (NSX) in March 2005. In September 2006 it acquired IAP Group for $13.8 million. IAP Group is a Sydney based niche aviation asset management company providing aircraft inventory support, encompassing:

– Global supply of aviation parts; and

– Global aircraft and engine financing and sales.

Its business operations were highly complementary to PTB Group’s business. Steve Ferris, the founder of IAP Group, took approximately 80 per cent of the consideration as PTB Group shares and now holds approximately 17.45% per cent of the expanded Group.

In October 2006 the Company announced it had acquired the aircraft and associated parts of the UK companies, Emerald Airways Ltd and Emerald Airways Engineering Ltd, for approximately $16.25 million.

In December 2006 the Company moved from the NSX to the ASX. In conjunction with this move the Company issued 2.5 million shares at $2 each to raise $5 million. This followed capital raisings totalling $7.9 million earlier in the period to fund part of the IAP Group and Emerald assets acquisitions.

In June 2007 a USD 40 million financing and rental fund was created with debt provided by an Australian financial institution. The purpose of the fund was to acquire and refurbish a diverse array of aviation assets for resale or lease. By this time, PTB Emerald had also refurbished and delivered one of the ATP and three of the HS748 freighters to European customers.

For Investor related enquiries please email investors@pacificturbine.com.au